Along with the 100 Club, the Hope & Anchor in Islington's Upper Street, is one of London's few original punk venues still standing.  It's had a new sound system installed and a bit of a sweep-up but is otherwise the same venue that it was back in '76 when The Stranglers recorded their Live at the Hope & Anchor album, where Joy Division and 'the U2s', X-Ray Spex, Madness, The Specials and tons more played and where The Damned recorded the magnificent video for punk's first chart single 'New Rose'.

Forty years on, Rockaway Beach continues that history.  Timmy & Debs DeRella started the club as there was nowhere like it in London  -a place to see a brilliant band, listen to some great music and meet and make friends.  The club has put on some top *sold out* nights; with original punks like Brian James, Urban Dogs (for the first time in twenty years, with a guest appearance from Campino from Die Toten Hosen), The Crybaby’s, Honest John Plain, The Vibrators (first reunion of original line up and a very special reunion of their V2 lineup), The Varukers and Vice Squad, as well as bands with a punk heritage like The Dirty Strangers, Guitar Gangsters, Scant Regard, Black Bullets, The Heavy Drapes, The Hip Priests, Black Bombers, Black Bullets, The Phobics, Last Great Dreamers, S*M*A*S*H (including their last-ever London gig.. a bitter sweet night indeed), Scare Taxi, Louise Distras, Yur Mum, Dave Kusworth, Darrell Bath, Sick on The Bus, The Peckham Cowboys, Witchdoktors, Zipheads and (of course) The DeRellas.

Vive Le Rock call us 'Discerning Punk Promoters'

Now heading into our fifth year, we get a regular crowd of happy, friendly punters and every band we've put on have wanted to play again.  In true DIY punk style, we treat bands with respect, we keep entry fees fair and support two London charities 'Food For All - Feeding the Poor' and Knox's charity shop 'Rock n Roll Rescue'.

For more info about Rockaway Beach, contact Timmy on or find us at RockawayBeachUK on Facebook (or click the link in the Rockaway Beach logo above)